Did the Earth move for you too?

Johannesburg - Several quakes rocked Joburg at the weekend but it is still unclear whether these were natural movements of the Earth’s crust or explosions from construction or mining.

There have been several reports of people feeling earthquakes, most of the reports came from the Robertsham and Ormonde areas, south of Joburg.

File photo: Karen Sandison. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

Although some residents from as far as Midrand, reported feeling the Earth move on Saturday morning.

Michelle Grobbelaar, the unit manager of the seismology department at the Council for Geoscience, said on Monday morning her team was working on data to determine the size and cause of the quake. However, she said she would only be able to supply more information later today.

Grobbelaar had previously explained to The Star that although seismic events such as these were often called tremors by the public, they were actually earthquakes.

On Saturday, several Twitter users took to the social media site to report the quaking ground.

“Earth tremor felt in parts of Joburg,” tweeted Oliver Meth (@Oliver_Meth).

Another tweeter @Mmabatho0 asked: “Wait, was (that) a tremor i just heard????”.