Family seeking answers after fatal bungle

Mashaole Mangena, the 74-year-old brother of a former minister of science and technology, died after a seven-week to-ing and fro-ing to the Polokwane Hospital to get treatment for a blockage of the bile duct.

Now his family is seeking answers from health authorities as to why the seemingly preventable death occurred.

Mosibudi Mangena. Photo: Terry Haywood. Credit: INLSA

In an opinion piece written for The Star, Mosibudi Mangena lays bare the facts surrounding his brother’s death in an ambulance on the N1 heading towards George Mukhari Hospital in Ga-Rankuwa.

In it he describes the lengths he went to to get help, even trying to use his political connections to speak to the minister of health directly.

“As we leave the hospital, the minister of health returns my call, some 48 hours later. He had been snowed under. He is dismayed and saddened by the Mashaole story and frankly admits that it is not the only one,” Mangena writes.

Events leading to Mashaole’s death

Nothing is done by Thursday.