Stinging tribute for Madiba


First there was a rabbit in Madiba’s right ear. Now there is another mystery object in the statue of Nelson Mandela’s left ear. But you will be relieved that it’s not another bunny rabbit – or worse, an Easter egg! Sarah Haines, heritage manager at Koketso Growth, who oversaw the project, said nothing was sculpted into the left ear of the statue.

“It’s a hornet’s nest or the start of one. We will arrange to have it removed over the next few days,” she said. Mystery solved!

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Picture of Mandela’s ear. 

It’s not everyday that you find a rabbit in the right ear of a world leader. 
Since the little rabbit was found in the statue of late former president Nelson Mandela, a lot of curious locals with cameras and long lenses have been focusing on Mandela’s ears. 
City blogger Robin Malherbe found a mystery object in the left ear of the statue. 
Tell us what you think it is! 
Email your guess to and buy tomorrow’s Pretoria News to find out what the mystery object is. You may be surprised!The rabbit in the ear of the of the Madiba statue at the union Buildings. Picture: Etienne Creux

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