Johannesburg - It is long overdue – but just in time for Father’s Day.

On Sunday, you can send your dad a Father’s Day e-card in any of South Africa’s 11 official languages.

The cards are illustrated with a photograph or traditional symbols specific to the language on the card, such as a Zulu shield, Basotho hat, an African musical instrument and South African bushveld scenes.

Gildah Tshukutswane, founder and director of African Greetings (AG), had a vision of people being able to share and celebrate African-inspired designs, icons, landscapes and messages in African languages through greeting cards.

AG is an online electronic greeting card company that offers clients subscriptions to download various e-cards at

“I’m going to send Father’s Day e-cards to my stepfather in Setswana and my father-in-law in English. I’m also going to send Youth Day e-cards to a long list and celebrate Youth Day,” said Tshukutswane.

“The business is picking up well and we look forward to receiving feedback after Father’s Day and Youth Day so that we can further enhance our website and ability to offer everyone relevant e-cards as tools to build and maintain great relationships.”

Tshukutswane, who works as an IT and management consultant, began her journey in 2009 when a potential business emerged from a huge gap in the greeting cards industry, which made no provision for any of the African languages. - Saturday Star