Durban - Teenager Theolan Joseph Anthony screamed blue murder when he saw his right hand covered in blood, seconds after he let off fireworks.

He wailed even louder when his dad applied antiseptic to the burns he sustained after a cracker exploded in his hand on Monday afternoon.

The 16-year-old’s thumb and middle finger split open and a trail of blood followed him as he ran from the roadside where he had been lighting fireworks with friends in Unit 7, Chatsworth.

Theolan will head for surgery this week at RK Khan Hospital for debridement – where the wound will be opened and cleaned. He spent Diwali - a religious occassion celebrated by Hindus - listening to music in his hospital bed.

The right-handed grade 11 pupil at Montarena Secondary will not be able to complete his final-year examination papers. He was to write mathematics paper 2 on Wednesday.

His father, Sebastian, said he could not contact the principal on Tuesday due to it being a school holiday.

Speaking about the incident, the teenager, said: “My friends and I purchased fireworks and were bursting them. I lit the one called Colour Thunder and before I could throw it it exploded in my hand.

“When I looked at my hand I saw it covered in blood. I was in pain as I ran to my house.

“My dad put on an antiseptic and it burned. He bandaged it to stop the bleeding but was forced to take me to the hospital when he realised the injury was worst than he expected.”

It is unknown when Theolan will be discharged.

Sihle Mlotshwa, of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education, said Theolan would not be disadvantaged by the incident. He said the parent would need to provide evidence of the accident and arrangements would be made with the principal for the pupil to complete the year. - POST