Durban - Everyone has been trying to find out what happened to Keegan after a video featuring two men from Tongaat in Durban fighting went viral

In the video, the men fight for before they are interrupted by a friend. The friend repeatedly says “What happened Keegan?” but many online have shortened it to the way they believe he pronounces it: “Warrapen Keegan”.

East Coast Radio's Breakfast team was able to track down the "Keegan" in the video and find out what caused the altercation.

"They (picked) on my wife actually," Keegan explained. "We were having a few beers and a braai, and then it just got out of hand.

"I don't wanna get into details because the guy is gonna feel sad if I talk about him on air... He is my friend now, so I don't want to disappoint him."

Keegan added that it was his first time getting into a fight like that.

He also gave an update on the friend who burned his shoes while recording the fight on his cellphone.

He said that his friend had called him earlier to get permission to speak about what happened.

"I said no, go ahead bru, your shoes got burnt I didn't get burnt."

Keegan said his friends and family are fans of the video too.

"They want my autograph, imagine that, my own family," he laughed.

Listen to the full interview with East Coast Breakfast below: