Man falls from three-storey building

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Westville - A man was critically injured when he fell three storeys from a building in Westville, Durban, paramedics said.

The man, who was believed to be late fifties, was found lying on his back, said ER24 spokesman Russel Meiring.

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02062010. Members of the ER24 were stoped by the members of the Tshwane Metro Police and told that something was wrong with they lights Picture: Sizwe Ndingane

He had suffered severe injuries to his leg and back and was fully immobilised on a spine board, so as not to cause any further harm.

“Apparently the patient was working on the veranda when he lost his footing, falling three storeys,” said Meiring.

He was given advanced life support and then transported to a nearby hospital for further medical assistance.

“The full cause of the fall is not yet known,” said Meiring.


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