The nerd that is Greg Carlin, lead singer and songwriter of the rock band Zebra & Giraffe, shares some of his geeky and cheeky moments in this week’s, #WordsWithNerds.

1 The most random Tweet you’ve ever read AND sent?

Read: Bad Luck Brian @unluckybrian Plays pool. Drowns.

Sent: Arrive in Durban. Instant perm.

2 The most useless thing you learnt from the internet?

I learn about 100 useless things every day by reading my Facebook friends’ status updates… I think I need to delete some of them!

3 A website you visit every day, other than Google?

Facebook and YouTube

4 The strangest request you’ve had on Facebook?

A mom asking if I could attend a matric dance with her daughter (who’s more than 12 years younger than me!) Awkward.

5 What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been tagged doing?

Almost every week I get tagged as either a zebra or a giraffe in people’s Kruger Park photos! The joke’s over guys!

6 The last thing you Googled, and what won’t you ever search for again?

Why is all belly button fluff blue?

I’ll never ever Google the most viewed video on YouTube again – because it’s always something idiotic like that baby-biting-finger thing!

7 The last video you watched online, and the last (legal) thing you downloaded?

“Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey” – hilarious!

I downloaded albums from Frank Ocean, Jack White, Ladyhawke and Linkin Park from the Look & Listen online store.

8 The last online fight/argument you had, and what was it about?

It was on WhatsApp with my mom, telling me that I broke her computer (it’s a horrible cheap thing that I broke on purpose so that she’d buy my Macbook).

9 What can’t you resist doing on the internet?

Stalking people on Facebook… it’s so much fun!

10 You know you’re a nerd because…

I check how many new Twitter followers I get every day and I get sad when I lose followers… oh wait, that makes me insecure, not a nerd.

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