Johannesburg -

Solly the hippo, who was trapped in a swimming pool for four days, probably died from injuries inflicted by the patriarch bull that kicked him out of the family pod.

Simon Prinsloo of Nylsvlei Game Dealers, who transported Solly’s carcass to a nearby game farm where it was fed to predators, said that when the hippo’s body was cut up, they noticed extensive internal injuries.

“When we opened him up there was a lot of blood; he was bleeding inside,” said Prinsloo. He said there was also an injury to the hippo’s neck, which appeared to be from a bite.

The suspect in Solly’s death is an adult bull hippo in a nearby dam.

The hippo died on Friday as Prinsloo and his team were waiting for a vet to arrive so that they could begin a rescue operation. - The Star