More than 100 cows paid for Zulu princess

The sheer number of cows paid by a Gauteng based businessman as a form of ilobolo for Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini's daughter, Princess Bukhosibemvelo at the weekend, has set tongues wagging.

It has also pushed the tradition of ilobolo to centre stage.

Ilobolo has survived modernity and is one of the customs which has formed lasting relationships among African families this despite criticism from those who oppose it.

Wealthy Gauteng businessman, Sipho Nyawo, delivered 120 cows as part of ilobolo for the Zulu princess.

The king received the cows and other gifts at his Enyokeni Palace. According to Zulu tradition, the king is entitled to gifts, in addition to ilobolo, which depend on the generosity of the groom.

The function was also attended by the ANC's chief in the provincial parliament Cyril Xaba and the chairperson of the Friends of Jacob Zuma Trust, Barnabas Xulu.

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