'Papsak' runs dry

Johannesburg - Cheap, low quality wine in the notorious foil bags (papsakke) has been banned, the South African Wine Industry announced on Tuesday.

SA Wine Industry chief executive officer Johan van Rooyen said in a statement that the industry initiated this ban as far back as 2004, and welcomed the gazetting of the ban on wine in substandard containers.

"The 'papsak' culture can now once and for all be eradicated from South African society," he said.

"Not only has the availability of wine in foil and cheap plastic containers led to alcohol abuse and social disintegration - especially among low income and rural communities - but the continued presence of this packaging has damaged and continues to damage the image of South Africa's wine industry.

"The ban will also reaffirm the local industry's commitment to combating alcohol abuse, something we have not been receiving the recognition we deserve," he said.

On September 14 the Minister of Agriculture published amendments to the Regulations of the Liquor Products Act, 60 of 1989.

The regulations now require any liquor product destined for consumption by the public to only be sold in a self-supporting container.

A "self-supporting" container means a container which retains its original or assembled shape irrespective or whether it is filled or empty. - Sapa

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