'Pretoria' signs to stay

The Tshwane Metro Council has rejected reports stating that it plans to change road signs indicating the way to the city from "Pretoria" to "Tshwane".

Council spokesperson Console Tleane said on Friday that the council's communication and marketing division received a letter from the council's department of public works and infrastructure development on August 1 seeking advice on the appropriate wording to use on the relevant road signs.

According to Tleane, the names "City of Tshwane" and "Tshwane" were being considered by this council department.

"It is unfortunate that some newspapers have taken the letter out of context.

"The handling of the letter and it being blown out of proportion may lead to unnecessary misconstruing of the fact."

He said no specific dates had been set to effect the changes - nor had it been decided who would accept the responsibility for the cost of the operation.

"At best, this is still a discussion that might well lead to concrete plans.

"The integrated communication, marketing and information services division is considering the request and will give the matter attention it requires," Tleane said.

He said the request came after Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa wrote a letter to executive mayor Dr Gwen Ramokgopa, in which he said that in terms of a section of the Municipal Structures Act, the city was named by the MEC for local government as the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.

"In considering this point of law, the city received the premier's correct advice that the act makes provision for the city to be so named, without having to necessarily be so named through the South African Geographical Names Council Act," said Tleane.

He said that the municipality would "exercise the best options available to it in taking the matter forward".

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