Scorcher in store for the Boland

By Zara Nicholson

If you think the heat in the city is unbearable, spare a bead of sweat for the residents of the Boland, where temperatures could reach 48°C on Thursday.

During a visit by the Cape Argus to Paarl on Wednesday temperatures soared to 45°C. A thermometer in an air-conditioned car indicated 25°C and after the air-conditioning had been switched off for 15 minutes the temperature flew to 45°.

An ice-cold Coke and a bottle of water went nearly boiling hot within half an hour and sweat beads on foreheads were a common sight.

On Thursday the forecast for Paarl is 42° but a discomfort index indicated that temperatures could reach 48°.

Grabouw had a maximum of 38° and could go as high as 44°, Malmesbury had a high of 42°, with a discomfort index of 48°C.

Many locals in Paarl spent much of the day under a tree or in some other shady area, saying that it was difficult to work.

Pupils at Gymnasium Primary School and Labori High School walked around with bottles of water that were too warm to drink, and cooled themselves off by throwing the water over each other.

Madelie Liebetrau, a Grade 6 pupil at Gymnasium primary, said they always experienced such high temperatures and that it was always uncomfortable.

Ina Gelderblom, a Grade 7 pupil, was jealous of Madelie's class because it had four fans.

Teacher Annarine Muller had the happiest bunch of pupils for the day as she was coaching the schools' junior swimming team in the one and only place to be - the pool.

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