Three women raped me, man tells police

By Alex Eliseev

Police say that a trio of women have been accused of forcing a 30-year-old man to have sex with them at gunpoint.

On Wednesday the women had been driving a maroon BMW in Roodepoort, when they pretended to ask the man for directions before driving him to a deserted spot and "took turns having intercourse with him".

Police Captain Paula Nothnagel said a case of indecent assault had been opened. Identity kits would be released shortly. The man cannot be named because of the nature of the offence.

Nothnagel said the man was walking through Roodepoort on Saturday night when the women pulled up next to him.

They asked for directions to a hotel and he got in the car to show them the way. At the hotel they persuaded him to join them for a drink, before asking for directions to another hotel.

While on the road the women changed direction and drove to a spot near Durban Deep mine.

"One woman produced a firearm and held the man at gunpoint," Nothnagel said.

"The women got undressed and all three took turns having intercourse with him."

An advocate, who asked not to be named, said if the women were caught the man would have tremendous difficulty prosecuting them for rape as it was impossible to force a man to have sex with a woman.

"He has to be a willing party. Especially if he is being held at gunpoint," he said. "There is something more to this story."

The best the man could hope for would be an indecent assault charge.

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