Lucky 113 for Cape Flats' oldest man

Western Cape
Cape Town – It was lucky 113 for the Cape Flats’ - and possibly South Africa’s - oldest living person Freddy Blom.

The golden oldie from Voorbrug, Delft, was fortunate to have over 100 guests at a special party arranged by the community for Freddy, as well as and another resident Susan Petersen, who turned 100 on the same day.

Last year the Daily Voice team visited Freddy at his home when he turned 112.

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Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA PicturesPicture: Jack Lestrade/ANA PicturesPicture: Jack Lestrade/ANA PicturesPicture: Jack Lestrade/ANA Pictures

On Monday, Community Development Worker Gadija Francis invited the Daily Voice to Delft Civic Centre where she, along with the community, prepared a feast for the two centenarians celebrating their milestone birthdays.

Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA Pictures

“I am honoured to be spending another year with Uncle Freddy and this year we welcomed Aunty Susan to the milestone age,” said Gadija.

The former gardener was born in 1904 in the town of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape.

Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA Pictures

Freddy, who has never had any kids of his own, was often seen until the ripe age of 106, walking to the bush with his cart to chop wood.

He has pains in his legs, but now walks using his cane and can still hear faintly.

He says he still feels good and lives every day according to the will of God.

“I feel like a baby because God has carried me through and I still feel as healthy as always,” he smiles.

Picture: Jack Lestrade/ANA Pictures

“I don’t smoke anymore and I live every day by the will and grace of God.”

He gave up smoking (twak) just last year

Freddy and his wife Jenette, 83, have no children together.

Freddy can’t remember how long he’s been married, but says it’s a “klomp jare (lots of years)”.

Jenette says she will be with her husband deur dik en dun (through thick and thin).

“I made a promise to stay with him through good and bad, through sickness and health and look we’re still together,” she says.

“I will stick with him until the end.

“I have accepted he's getting old and cannot respond to much at this age, but I thank God I can still witness his years of grace on earth.”

Freddy walked into the Delft Civic Centre with his wife on his arm and made his way to the front of the hall where he sat like a king at the main table before blowing out his candles in one breath.

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