Cape Town - Police plan to resume their search on Monday morning for two boys who were swept out to sea on Sunday and are presumed drowned.

The boys, both 13, were in a group of five teenagers who had launched a makeshift raft made of a barge of barrels at the Black River mouth in Paarden Eiland on Sunday afternoon, NSRI spokesman Craig Lambinon said.

“It seems after they realised they were being swept far out to sea, they jumped off and started swimming to shore. Two of the boys, however, did not make it back,” Lambinon said. He said the five boys were from Elsies River and the police had tried to contact their families.

A sea and shore search was undertaken to find the two missing boys, but there was no sign of them. The search was suspended last night.

Lambinon said the alarm had been raised by security guards who had earlier chased the five boys away from where they had been playing at a bridge along Marine Drive.

”Despite an extensive sea, air and shore search, there is still no sign of the two boys. Police divers are to resume their search at first light. The three survivors were taken to hospital and are being observed for secondary drowning,” Lambinon said.

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