Skeleton found in parking basement

Cape Town - The skeleton of a man, the head detached, was found at the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) building in Wynberg, near Maynard Mall, on Wednesday.

The skeleton was found by a construction worker who had been doing renovation in the basement parking lot.

The remains of a body were found in a room in the Sassa building in Maynard Street in Wynberg. The skull was lying in a doorway while the rest of the bones were buried in rubble. Picture: Tracey Adams. Credit: CAPE ARGUS

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that the skeleton was that of a male.

He said a murder investigation had been opened and forensics and pathologists were present to determine the age of the skeleton and how long it had been there.

A small area had been cordoned off by police, and only construction workers and police were allowed down to the second level of the parking basement.

The skull was lying in the doorway of a room in the parking lot, while the rest of the bones were buried in rubble.

Police on the scene said they suspected the remains had been there for years.

The skull was bald and dusty, and the sharp eye teeth were exposed.