How many suspensions for Juju?

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“How many times can Malema be suspended?” is the question being asked on Twitter as the nation has its say on Julius Malema’s latest suspension.

* @SheriGentleman congratulated Julius on his suspension. “Julius Malema has been suspended more times than Zuma has been married. That’s a great achievement. #WellDoneJulius.”

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18/12/2011 Suspended ANCYL President sings after Cassel Mathale was declared the ANC Limpopo Chairperson during a conference that was held at University of Limpopo: Turfloop. Picture: Phill Magakoe

* The embattled youth leader was referred to Julius “Foolius” Malema in a tweet by @hadebenhlanhla which questioned his “foolish” actions”.

* “So Julius Malema has been sent to the naughty corner,” said @Vukileh.

* Dion Chang: “The ANC needs to write it’s own book: The Long Road To Expulsion.”

* Dailymaverick: “Malema is once, twice, three times suspended”

* “Cebisilegongqo poor Julius Malema he’s been used like a pawn piece on chess game. The ANC has silenced him. I call it knight attack move #checkmate”.

* Karabo rapotu: “how many times does the ANC need to suspend and expel Malema before getting rid of him #confused”

* nigel lees: “He was my friend, faithful and just to me. But Brutus says he was ambitious, And Brutus is an honourable man.”

* Nkululeko Moyo: “Mr #Malema You are expelled yet suspended under the suspension of the expulsion. Please don’t be confused . Yours Truly, the Dictator.”

His suspension caused some confusion among Twitter users.

* I am lost… Wasn’t @Julius_S_Malema expelled? How is he ‘suspended again now? Please explain,” @Siyasanda_M tweeted.

Almost every second tweet included the words “how many times can Julius Malema be suspended?”.

* One tweeter, @CeeKayFreshh, tried to clear up the confusion: “This means that he will no longer be able to speak at ANC or ANCYL conferences.”

Apart from the confusion on the suspension and fun making of Malema, others re-tweeted the question of why the ANC still has not gotten rid of Julius permanently. “When will the ANC learn to stop reprimanding and just say “voestak” now!?”.

* @Niren expressed their opinion about his suspension by saying that Malema is “like a child being grounded all the time. Very soon he will be up for adoption”. This was the response by @GinSA1, “Who would adopt him! Tokyo perhaps?”.

One suggested: “I wonder what job he’s gonna do now. Maybe he’ll pass out nandos flyers” tweeted @violetmduli.

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