Start saving for your child’s education


Sanlam’s National Start Something Day competition is in full swing and with R200 000 worth of prize money, they’ve been helping people to start the things they’ve always wanted to do but never done.

The concept is quite simple. pledge your start on and start working on your future now.

Education and further studies have been a major recurring theme from the ‘Starters’ this year.

We all want to give our children the best chance in life, but education is becoming more and more expensive. 10 Years ago a BA Degree cost in the region of R20 000 per year – today a parent can expect to pay close to R30 000 per year and more. What will it be in another 10 years from now?

With Sanlam you can start saving for your child’s education now by putting aside a little money every month, so that when they’re ready to study, the funds are available.

You can start small from as little as R150 a month and put aside more as you can afford to. In fact the earlier you start the better! Click here to apply now!

Visit the “Sanlam Can Help” section if you need more information – the easy to understand infographics will point you in the right direction.

Sanlam believes that the sooner you start investing in something the sooner you’ll get to see the rewards, and the greater they will be.

Join the revolution!

 Pledge your start today and stand a chance to win your share of R200 000. Alternatively, you can also “Join” a start such as a local book club or perhaps “Support” somebody else’s start should you have means. It’s all about changing mindsets and making dreams a reality.