Blaine's outrageous stunt draws London crowds

London - Illusionist David Blaine, a self-styled modern-day Houdini, attracted crowds of spectators near the Tower Bridge in London on Sunday where he remained hanging in a plastic box suspended from a crane for the second day of his bizarre stunt.

Some of the spectators teased the 30-year-old New Yorker with burgers and hot dogs mocking his decision to survive eating nothing and drinking just water for the next 44 days in a box which measures two metres high, two metres long and just one metre wide.

The only contents of the box are blankets, a mat, a backpack with a diary, pens, nappies, moist tissues, lip balm and a picture of his deceased mother. He will not communicate with anybody for the duration of the stunt.

"I'm not worried about the first three weeks, I'm worried about the second half of this when I start to lose my mind and everything gets really bad," Blaine said shortly before beginning the stunt.

Blaine is to receive water through a tube from the ground and will pass urine through a second tube, something observers have hoped will be done at night.

An estimated 4 000 people came to have a look at Blaine as his stunt got under way on Saturday.

The Guinness Book of World Records have refused to recognise the quest should the magician succeed, owing to their policy of not including records which involve fasting.

Three years ago Blaine spent more than 61 hours in a six-ton block of ice. In April 1999 he spent a week buried two metres underground in a glass tank filled with water.

Doctor Adam Carey, who carried out a physical examination of Blaine just moments before he stepped into the box, said: "From a medical point of view, I cannot condone it". - Sapa-DPA

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