Pythons cut train crash from funny show

London - Monty Python star John Cleese said on Thursday that he ordered train crash footage edited out of the comedy group's 30-year anniversary special, saying there are "some jokes you could never do".

A train collision on Tuesday near London's Paddington Station caused 33 confirmed deaths, and authorities fear the death toll may double.

Cleese said that while Monty Python is renowned for its poor taste, joking about a train crash now would be going too far.

He said he was relieved someone at the BBC was reviewing the anniversary show footage and noticed the train crash skit, scheduled to be shown as part of a Monty Python theme night on Saturday.

"I said 'Just cut it out', " Cleese said. "We've always specialised in bad taste, but there are some jokes you could never do."

The special will include some fresh Python material and a reworking of the troupe's "dead parrot" sketch by the creators of the current TV cartoon "South Park". The latter show's character Kenny, who dies in every episode, will take the place of the parrot.

"They sent it to us without us asking," Cleese said of the clip. "We're going to send them a bronze Python foot as a thank you, with their names spelled wrong." - Sapa-AP

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