Taliban challenges Bush and Blair to a duel

Teheran - The foreign minister of the ruling Taliban group in Afghanistan on Monday proposed that United States President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair have a duel with Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

"The Americans have circulated propaganda that Mullah Omar has gone into hiding, so I will propose that Mssrs Blair and Bush take Kalashnikovs and come to a specified place where Omar will also appear to see who will run and who not," Maulvi Wakil Ahmed Mutawakil told a press conference in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.

"Omar changes locations due to security reasons (but) he runs state affairs as effectively as in the past," Mutawakil was quoted by the Iranian news agency IRNA as saying.

The Taliban minister further denied press reports about his visit to Pakistan and rejected rumours about differences within the Taliban regime.

"Such dreams will never be realised and efforts to expose differences among the Taliban leaders are futile," he said. - Sapa-DPA

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