WW 2 sub found in Baltic Sea


Stockholm - A Soviet submarine that sank in 1941 in the Baltic Sea off Sweden has been discovered on the seabed, the Swedish navy confirmed.

The wreck is located south-east of the island of Oland, off Sweden's eastern coast, and had previously been spotted by a team of civilian divers.

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This handout photo released by Swedish Defence Forces shows the remains of a Russian submarine on the Baltic Sea bed near the island of Oland.

The navy said it believed the submarine was one of several that went missing in 1941. The submarine had sustained severe damage and was found in an area mined by German forces, the navy said.

One of the submarine's hatches was open, suggesting it had been at the surface when it entered the minefield.

“In those days, submarines travelled at the surface to move quickly or also to charge their batteries,” Commander Christian Allerman said.

“They were submerged when they were planning to attack a vessel or were under attack,” he said.

Russian authorities have been notified of the location so they could prepare a memorial ceremony at the wreck which was considered a war grave, the navy said.

The navy published a clip of the submarine on its website.

Several war-time submarines have been found in recent years off the Swedish coast. - Sapa-dpa

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