Here’s what we can do about rape

There is an outpouring of outrage against rape after last week’s attack on Anene Booysen.

On average, a person is raped every four minutes, making our country the rape capital of the world.

More than a thousand people attended a memorial service for Anene Booysen. Picture: Jeffrey Abrahams. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

We have a right to raise our voices. We have a right to point fingers. We have a right to express our anger.

But it is critical for us to take this collective rage and turn it into concrete outcomes that will make a tangible difference in the fight against violent crime.

Let’s focus on what we can change and not fixate about what we can’t.

What follows is a list of who can and should do what.

Assist your local rape crisis centre by volunteering your services. “Clothing is always needed, as rape survivors’ clothes are taken for evidence, especially underwear. Donate toys for the kids.”

Become an active citizen. It’s time.