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READERSHIP: 108 000  /  CIRCULATION: Mon-Fri 24 801

Pretoria News is a newspaper appearing in the city of Tshwane every day from Monday to Friday. In addition to the morning edition, during the week, an afternoon edition with the latest sports and other news is also available. Comprehensive coverage of local news as well as national and international news and analysis , sport, entertainment and lifestlye makes this a unique newspaper in the capital city. Business Report , South Africa�s national financial daily is an important addition for decision-makers. For the younger reader, there is the vibey Tonight supplement everyday. The classifieds include the popular Workplace on Mondays and Wednesdays and weekly supplements not to be missed are Motoring and Shoot.

Target Market - those who live and work in Tshwane


  • Pretoria News has 108 000 average issue readers.
  • Pretoria residents from across the cultural spectrum.
  • Readers are well educated and economically active
  • Editorial content includes comprehensive coverage of local events, blended with national and global news. Hard news content is balanced with strong business, sport and lifestyle sections
  • 28.2% of readers are within LSM 9 to LSM 10
    54.6% of readers are within LSM 6 to LSM 8
    17.2% of readers are within LSM 1 to LSM 5
    26 630 : Audited Circulation (Jul - Sept 2007)