Tears for girl shot dead by dad

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Adele and Glenn Boshoff at the funeral of their eight year old Daughter Idie Boshoff who was accidently shot by her father during a robbery at their house.
Picture: Etienne Creux24.5.2012
Fanie Venter the minister at the funeral of eight year old Idie Boshoff who was accidently shot by her father during a robbery at their house.
Picture: Etienne Creux

‘IT’s not God’s will for armed robbers to enter our homes and threaten our lives.” This is what a church minister said at the funeral service of Idie Boshoff, eight, who was accidentally shot and killed by her father last week when she was mistaken for a housebreaker.

Dominee Fanie Venter said it was only natural for any person who had lost a loved one to ask why.

“It is always so easy to say it was God’s will, but what happened to Idie was not His will,” he said.

Fighting back tears, Idie’s mother, Adele, father, Glenn, and her brother, Trevor, sat in the front row of Centurion’s Kerksondermure, supported by family, friends and Idie’s classmates.

Next to the podium was a small white coffin, decorated with a purple sash reading “poplap” (sweetheart).

Below a photograph of a smiling Idie was placed her favourite teddy bear.

An emotional Venter read from Psalm 23, focusing on verse 4: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me.”

“The only comfort we have is that when Idie died on Friday morning she was not alone.

Venter said: “She was not alone for even one second because the good Shepherd was with her, holding her hand and taking her to a place where there is ample love, hugs and kisses.”

A letter written by her father said: “I always piggy-backed you to bed, poplap, and whenever I wanted to make you laugh non-stop I would just have to tickle your neck.”

Her mother wrote: “I miss you, pretty Belinda. I miss our huggies and kissies and I can’t do anything without thinking about you. Until we meet again my poplap, you will live in my heart.”

While playing Idie’s favourite song, Ek is nie ’n skiet soldaatjie nie… a slide show depicted a happy young girl who was adored by her parents and her brother.

Carrying her coffin from church, her father broke down, crying bitterly as they placed the casket into the hearse.

Holding on to each other, her father and mother said their final goodbyes by placing long-stemmed roses on her coffin as it was lowered into the ground.

Next up were Jannie Raath, head of Laerskool Hennopspark, and several of Idie’s classmates who were dressed in their school uniform.

Laerskool Hennopspark spokeswoman Ann Alkema said Idie’s entire class attended the funeral as well as all the Grade 2 staff members.

“There will be a memorial service for Idie at the school tomorrow (today) at 7.30am,” Alkema said.

Sue-Ann van Niekerk, who attended the funeral, said she did not know the family.

“I read about it in the newspapers and I felt so bad for the dad. That is why I came here today.

“I just wanted to support them although I don’t know them,” she said.

Idie was accidentally shot by her father during a house robbery last week.

He was woken up by dogs barking and saw two men had entered his home.

He ran upstairs to get his gun and when Idie – who had also woken up – turned the door handle, he fired a shot, hitting her in the head. Eyewitnesses said there were five robbers.

No arrests have been made.

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