Gallery: SA photographers honoured

Johannesburg - Three South Africans scooped top honours at the acclaimed BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards ceremony in London last week.

Greg du Toit was this year’s overall Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Greg du Toit was named this year's BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year for this image Essence of Elephants, a portrait of African elephants in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana.The Flight Path, Connor Stefanison. Image shows a Barred Owl (Strix varia) flying through a mixed coniferous-deciduous forest in Burnaby, BC, Canada.The Water Bear, Paul Souders. A Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) hides submerged beneath melting sea ice in Hudson Bay in Canada.Brent Stirton (South Africa) won The Wildlife Photojournalist Award for his photo at Kenya's Amboseli National Park. An undercover ranger responded to news of an elephant death by de-tusking the corpse at dawn to prevent the ivory falling into the hands of poachers.Mother's Little Headful, Udayan Rao Pawar. Baby gharials  a type of crocodile  ride on their mother's head in in Madhya Pradesh, central India.Snow Moment, Jasper Doest.  One of the famous Japanese macaques is shot around the hot springs of Jigokudani, Japan, just as a cold wind struck.Lucky Pounce, Connor Stefanison A Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) successfully pounces on prey in Yellowstone National Park in the US.The Spat, Joe McDonald. A female jaguar (Panthera onca) objects to a mating and fights back in a spat that lasts four seconds in Pantanal, Brazil.Dive Buddy, Luis Javier Sandoval. A green turtle feeding on sea grass in Cancun waters, Mexico.The Cauldron, Sergey Gorshkov.  Plosky Tolbachik  one of two volcanoes in the Tolbachik volcanic plateau in central Kamchatka, Russia   erupts.Isak Pretorius won in the bird behaviour category. He captured this Lesser Noddy caught in a colossal spiders net on the Seychelles island.

Other local winners were Isak Pretorius (bird behaviour category) and Brent Stirton (wildlife photojournalist award).

The competition drew 43 000 entries from 96 countries.

Some of the best shots are shown here. - The Star