Why you never need to wash again

London - Most of us spend lots of time and money washing germs off our skin and hair. But, according to one scientist, we should be spraying them on.

American David Whitlock hasn’t showered for 12 years, but spritzes himself with micro-organisms from soil found in a pigsty, cowshed and chicken coop.

File photo: Hygiene precautions included taking the temperature of students and staff at the school gate, installing hand washing stations, and distributing chlorine and millions of soap bars. Picture: Matthews Baloyi. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

These ammonia-oxidising bacteria (AOB) neutralise the smell in human sweat.

He got the idea after watching horses roll in the dirt and realised that bacteria in the soil stopped their sweat from putrefying.

The problem is that, due to modern hygiene, most of us no longer have any of these good bacteria on our bodies.

Whitlock, though, boasts billions.

He washes his hands with soap before touching food and after going to the toilet, but relies on an occasional wipe with a sponge — and a regular spray of his Refreshing Cosmetic Mist, which is on sale.