Finder of 'Iceman' found dead in Alps

Vienna - The man who 13 years ago discovered the frozen remains of a prehistoric iceman in an Alpine glacier was found dead in the Austrian Alps on Saturday, eight days after he went missing, rescue authorities said.

Helmut Simon, the German who found the 5 300-year-old mummified body while hiking on the border of Austria and Italy in 1991, disappeared on October 15 after setting off alone on an expedition in the Bad Hofgastein region in southwestern Austria.

"He was found at an altitude of around 2 200 metres (7 220ft), apparently having fallen around 100 metres," a member of the Bad Hofgastein mountain rescue team told Reuters.

Rescue officials found and recovered the body of the experienced 67-year-old mountaineer after a local hunter notified them of a mysterious red spot high up on the 2 300-metre Gaiskarkogel mountain.

Simon, 67, and his wife, Erika, from Nuremberg in Germany found the neolithic iceman on the 3 000 metre high Similaun glacier in the Tyrolean Oetz Valley. The mummy was named "Oetzi" after the valley.

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