How videogames can make you aggressive

London - Playing a violent videogame for just an hour in three days is enough to increase aggressive behaviour, a study warns.

But scientists found that playing a non-violent videogame, such as a motor racing game, had no effect on aggression.

Grand Theft Auto has won legions of fans around the world, and as many critics, for game play in which winning depends on acts such as carjacking, gambling and killing.

Research has already revealed that a single violent gaming session can increase short-term aggression, but this is the first to show longer-term effects.

Lead author Professor Brad Bushman, of Ohio State University in the US, said: “It’s important to know the long-term causal effects of violent videogames, because so many young people regularly play these games.

“Repeated exposure to violent videogames may have a cumulative effect on aggression.”

In the study of 70 French university students, some were given violent videogames, and others non-violent ones, and told to play them for 20 minutes a day for three days.

After each day, those who played the violent games increasingly expected others to behave aggressively towards them and behaved more aggressively themselves.

Professor Bushman said: “People who have a steady diet of these games may come to see the world as a hostile place. That may make them more defensive and more likely to respond with aggression themselves.”- Daily Mail