Google’s Valentine Zeitgeist

Johannesburg - Google has released a Valentine Zeitgeist which shows what South Africans have been searching for in this season of love.

Screenshot of Google's Valentine's Day search.

Some interesting search terms related to the word “Valentine’s” were:

The top search related to the word “love” included Miley Cyrus, an indication, says Google, “she has captured the hearts of many young South Africans”.

Romantic songs that came up when web users searched for love were: Drunk in Love by Beyonce, Adore you by Miley Cyrus and XO by Beyonce.

Interesting searches with the word “love” in them were:

The top trending searches with the word “romantic” in them were:

Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape, in that order, seem to be the most romantic provinces in SA, having searched most for the term “love”. But the Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng searched the most for the word “Valentine’s”.

Interest in the term “love” over the past 30 days shows that the most loving countries in Africa include Ghana, Zambia and Botswana, as they have searched for it. - The Star