How to permanently delete files

Johannesburg - When you work on a computer, you leave a lot of traces. Whether you visit websites, check your e-mail, view or edit documents or photos, your computer records everything you do.

How, you may ask? Because your web browser saves the web pages you view; your e-mail program saves copies of the e-mails you read, compose or send to others; and your text or image-editing program keeps a list of files you have worked on recently.

To begin with, understand what you are trying to delete and why, and this will help you take the appropriate action. Roberto Caprio, managing director at Dial a Nerd, has practical tips for covering your digital tracks:

And if you want to dispose of your old computer, Caprio suggests removing the hard drive and destroying it by physical means as probably the best option.

“Finally, Apple’s most recent operating systems offer built-in features to permanently delete information – any technician at an iStore will be able to assist.” - The Star