Bokke join iconic book stable

British publishing company Kraken Opus, on Wednesday announced it will be producing the Springbok Opus which will be published in 2011.

The company have already produced some of the world's most expensive sports, arts and fashion books and Springbok rugby will join the company's elite sports stable alongside Manchester United, Arsenal, formula one giants Ferrari, iconic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and several others.

The book will weigh about 37 kilograms and measures about about half a metre square. It is likely to include about 150 000 words and 1 000 pictures, making it a unique South African rugby publication.

Kraken CEO Karl Fowler, presented SA Rugby with a copy of the Superbowl Opus MVP edition and Andy Colquhoun, SA Rugby's media communications manager, said it would be given to the Springbok team.

Nick Sawyer, Kraken Opus marketing director, said the project had already drawn great interest. "South Africa's emotional affinity with rugby extends way beyond simply following a sport," said Sawyer.

"For a Springbok fan it all comes down to one word - passion, so it's not surprising that there has already been a huge interest in the Springbok Opus.

"We anticipate that this will grow even more now that the word is officially out."

Acting managing director of SA Rugby, Andy Marinos, said the production of the large format Springbok Opus was a monumental task.

"It places us (South African rugby) alongside iconic global institutions such as Manchester United, Ferrari and Arsenal," said Marinos.

"The history of rugby in our country has been a divided one but we are promised that the Springbok Opus will pull all of those strands together in a way that has never been achieved before."

The advent of Springbok Opus could provide new terrain for conflict in local rugby circles as it was not too long along when factions in the country were fighting about ownership and use of the Springbok, which nowadays is strictly reserved as an emblem for the national rugby team, alongside the protea flower.

All other codes of South African sport is forbidden to use the Springbok as an emblem. - Sapa

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