Favourite music: I am all-round, I listen to anything that’s cool. But I don’t know what Beast listens to, I don’t know what kind of music that is! You will be surprised - I actually listen to Afrikaans music, that rapper AKA, the Jozi style. Then a bit overseas music - I’m clueless, hey! I’m someone that just listens to the song, but if you ask me the name and the singer, I won’t know.

I like South African house music, and then a bit of rap and R&B. But I don’t like this swearing in the songs, or guys who speak nonsense! I like R&B, motivational and inspirational songs. I like Afrikaans music, as well as a bit of English pop, like Coldplay.

Any hobbies: I’ve tried golf over the last two years, and it goes well, but then I don’t get time to practise and play. Then I just become really upset with myself on the course!

Otherwise, I just spend time with my friends and family. You are under so much pressure as a professional rugby player, so to stay in touch with friends is difficult, and then they say ‘You’ve changed a lot, you don’t have time for us anymore!’. They don’t just want an SMS, they want to spend time with you. But I don’t get much time to get to Cape Town and the family, but I try to get there at least once a year.

Any lady in your life: Yes, I have a fiancée, Megan. She’s a born Durban girl, and if everything goes well, we want to get married next year. We got engaged just before the Wallaby Test (in Cape Town) this year, so she’s still new to the thing! And me too!