Swimming sensation Chad le Clos is set to play host to his idol Michael Phelps, and has plans to take him shark cage diving and on an African safari at the end of the year when the American comes to visit.

“He’s coming down at the end of the year and I told him we’d go shark diving and maybe on a safari and show him a good time,” said the ever-smiling Le Clos at his home in Pinetown yesterday.

Although Le Clos beat Phelps in the men’s 200m butterfly at the Olympics, he says Phelps remains the swimmer he most admires, and “there is no rivalry”.

And what about the instant fame, and the “Marry Me” and “Be my matric dance date” posters that met him on arrival back in SA this week?

He smiles sweetly, then says: “The best thing is that I’m single.”

Meanwhile, there’ll be no time-out for Le Clos now that he’s home.

His father, Bert, is constantly on his cellphone, fielding calls from media, family and well-wishers, all waiting to get some time with his Olympic gold-winning son.

“I haven’t got tired of smiling, but I have never had so many pictures taken of me,” Bert laughs.

Back in his familiar environment, a game of FIFA on his PlayStation with his brothers Jordan and Justin, and a feast of food prepared by his sister Bianca made Le Clos’s homecoming all the sweeter.

“There’s no place like home, and the supporters here are fantastic,” he says.