Booking Deadline

Thursday 4:30pm
Late in Mem Classified Notices: 10:30am
Ads on Pages for Editorial:
Saturday noon latest
Process off Stone D/Line:
Colours 1hr before black
6:20pm last black
Print Time: Same day 9am
  On Disc or Negs Docket Deadlines
Sunday Tribune Main Fri 4pm 12 noon Fri
SM Magazine (Online Travel) Thurs 12 noon 4:30pm Wed
All motoring and other supplements The day before 2pm 10am Day before
Trib Property and Finance Fri 2pm 4:30pm Thurs
  On Disc or Negs Docket Deadlines
Mer/DN Tues - Fri 2:30pm 12 noon day before
Mer/DN Mon 2:30pm 4:30pm Thurs
Make up booking deadline: 2 days prior to print
  Bulk Copy Last Copy
Block Display S/vs 4:30pm 2 Days prior to publication 10:30 am, 1 Day prior to publication