IOL pic nov20 crime scene tape blue yellow

‘Fake cops’ nabbed at house of victim

Seven men alleged to have been impersonating cops, planting drugs at their victim’s house and robbing them, have been arrested.

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Copy of ST dg 2 Taxi viol

Shocking taxi industry revelations

Gauteng’s violent taxi industry is infiltrated and manipulated by cops, Roads and Transport officials have said.

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Gilles Cistac large

Moz hunts for killers of top laywer

Mozambican police have reportedly asked their counterparts in the region for help in tracking down the killers of Gilles Cistac.

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Using creativity to change lives
After 18 years spent in gangs, jail and the world of drugs, Roger Mouton spent his 30th birthday on the streets contemplating suicide. Roger was born into a good family, ...