Copy of rice sxc

Tips for using leftover food

What Casey Seidenberg has learned about using leftovers effectively and deliciously.

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iol lif april 2 Ibuprofen

How ibuprofen could extend your life

In a series of experiments, the painkiller extended the life of yeast, worms and flies by around 15 percent.

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new family sxc

Black sheep in the family? Relish your role

They are the family members who don't quite fit in. But it turns out that black sheep are a lot rarer than you think.

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Fifa to publish Garcia report

Fifa's executive committee has agreed to publish Michael Garcia's report into World Cup corruption, according to media reports.

Join the official welcome home for Miss World, Rolene Strauss
A new South African hero was born as Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World on Sunday the 14th of December 2014 in London. The 22 year old beat 120 international contestan ...