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'The big pant is now beautiful'

Skimpy underwear has fallen out of fashion as shoppers are turning to bigger, comfy pants.

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Is open plan living going out of style?

According to a top architect, the rise of technology means walls are coming back into fashion.

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Can the US understand Bake Off?

Can a US version of The Great British Bake Off finally succeed? One network is going to find out... [VIDEO]

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Tribute paid to D’Oliveira

Basil D’Oliveira is perhaps remembered more for the ripple effect his inclusion in England’s 1968 touring party had in political c ...

Hero goes above and beyond to continue to enrich the well-being of ot ...
Bianca Kramer is our Lead SA Hero of the month of November and she was nominated by Dorette Visser Parson. Kramer is a Student Social Worker, from the University of Cape ...