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MOVIE REVIEWS: Every Thing Will Be Fine

Wim Wenders’s fascination with 3D cinematography began with his documentary Pina about dancer Pina Bausch...

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Henrik Petit

MOVIE REVIEW: A Second Chance

The smartest thing about Danish director Susanne Bier’s manipulative psychological drama En Chance Til (A Second Chance) is that it stars Nikolaj Coster-W... Read Story

to schucks still
Dominic Barnardt

SA puts Leon Schuster in firing line

Pay Back The Money's team didn't catch Julius Malema in the candid camera film. But not for lack of trying.

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BOOK REVIEW: Time to Be Earnest

Sub-titled A Fragment of Autobiography, and first published in 1999, this book has been re-issued now in commemoration of this splendid woman. ...