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TO King Tut 2

Step into King Tut’s tomb

The acclaimed exhibition Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures takes centre stage at Silverstar’s new 2 000m2 entertainment venue from December ... Read Story

to Sidney Tartaruga and Phillip Malepa_CITY_E1

From Brazil’s favelas to cool Soweto fellas

In a show called Soweto To Favela, we’ll see Malepa go to the Brazilian ghettos and submerge himself in a cultural experience that will change his life. Read Story

TO Shahrukh-Khan

Khan gets buff to make gals happy

Shahrukh Khan says co-star Deepika and director Farah "appreciated" him beefing up for new film [TRAILER].

Read Story

A put-on act worthy of an Oscar

It garnered the attention of the world media – every publishing group, network and outlet eager to be the first to break the latest titi ...