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Bongani Mbatha

Khloe Takes Fashion Police?

Khloe Kardashian in talks to replace Kelly Osbourne, who left Fashion Police under tense circumstances.

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Copy of People-Conrad Hilton

Hilton admits to assaulting 'peasants'

Paris Hilton's brother to plead guilty after vicious rant and threats to crew and passengers on flight.

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Bieber’s 21st bash on private island

Justin Bieber hired a private island in the Caribbean to celebrate his birthday on the weekend.

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50 ways to leave your lover

It’s the pervading theme of the week: adultery, infidelity, betrayal or – in good ol’ fashioned speak – cheating.

Bollywood stars ‘promote love jihad’

An Indian politician urged Hindus to stop watching movies featuring three of Bollywood's top Muslim actors because they promote "love jihad". ...