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TO French Between Us cover

French twist to entertainment calendar

Diane de Beer runs through the 2015 network of what to expect as presented by the French Institute of South Africa and the Alliance Française Network highl... Read Story

iol ton SS_50 Jamie Dornan

Cash gets Christian Grey back in sack

Jamie Dornan will be back for more Fifty Shades after reportedly signing a £4.5m contract.

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IOL Wu Tang

Wu’s gonna pay for this?

Rap legends Wu Tang Clan release new super-exclusive album on auction.

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50 ways to leave your lover

It’s the pervading theme of the week: adultery, infidelity, betrayal or – in good ol’ fashioned speak – cheating.

Bollywood stars ‘promote love jihad’

An Indian politician urged Hindus to stop watching movies featuring three of Bollywood's top Muslim actors because they promote "love jihad". ...