Brand likes playing with his pistol

Russell Brand has bought a gun.

The 'Rock of Ages' actor purchased the firearms after relocating from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, California.

Russell Brand. Credit: Associated Press

He ignored pleas from his mother Barbara not to get the pistol because he feels firing it makes him as macho as John Wayne.

Russell told The Sun: "I've been learning to fire guns. My mother said, 'Don't learn to fire guns, Russell.'"

However after practicing how to shoot, the comedian made a decision to permanently have one despite his parent's advice.

He said: "Well, I've learnt and now I've got one. I mean, me, own a gun? I shouldn't really have access to hair gel but I can fire a gun if I need to.

"To be honest guns are fun. When I was learning I was firing all over the place - obviously not at people but I was hitting all these targets. I felt like John Wayne."

Russell boasted about his sex life to His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Saturday afternoon.

The exiled spiritual leader of the Tibetan people was promoting a message of world piece called "Stand Up and Be the Change," a universal message to our generation to become "decisive catalysts" for positive change. - Bang Showbiz