Mar 21 - Apr 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 601
You may find it hard to get joint ventures moving and harder yet to keep them going because present arrangements are sure to buckle under the altered attitudes and dissension that you are destined to encounter during this interval.


Apr 21 - May 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 602
Because goodwill is likely to be scarce at this juncture, you will need to be more self-reliant in confronting pressing matters. A problem that has plagued you time and again might surface once more to place you under severe pressure.


May 21 - Jun 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 603
Guard against being over-optimistic because you could thereby botch important decisions pertaining to your future. All concerns or interests of a long-term nature should be treated with extra care during this largely unsettled phase.


Jun 22 - Jul 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 604
Do not attempt to achieve vital aims via shortcuts during this period because you simply cannot afford to disregard finer details and expect to succeed. In rushing ahead with flimsy plans, you will set yourself up for a major letdown.


Jul 23 - Aug 24
Astro-Line: 083 9140 605
Friends tend to be disruptive instead of helpful at this time and could cause you to lose sight of your best chances. Community and social conditions might suddenly alter and a severed connection could abruptly end one of your hopes.


Aug 24 - Sep 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 606
You will be obliged to take a back-seat for a while; could find that confusion surrounds some aspects of your private life. With sentimental factors holding sway, you may not achieve very much concerning the practical matters of life.


Sep 23 - Oct 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 607
A changeable climate is indicated and you should be cautious because it could bring about unexpected difficulties. With so many things seeming to happen at once, you may be rushed to cope and might not be sufficiently discriminating.


Oct 23 - Nov 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 608
Whittle down your expenses immediately. Exercise economy or you might soon be in a financial dilemma. Exuberant impulses and big ambitions could turn out to be your undoing. You are advised to cut your losses instead of taking gambles.


Nov 23 - Dec 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 609
You may be too complacent in your thinking and could accordingly set yourself up for a shock. Some of the folk in your usual surroundings may suddenly turn antagonistic and you should prepare yourself for a few rather sticky debates.


Dec 22 - Jan 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 610
You might feel at times in the course of this round that you are up against a brick wall in trying to resolve domestic difficulties. Problems and responsibilities will weigh you down and family co-operation might not be forthcoming.


Jan 21 - Feb 20
Astro-Line: 083 9140 611
Resist your urge to live it up because a show of extravagance could result in financial distress later on. You might also experience serious financial setbacks if you indulge in speculative ventures so do not chance your resources.


Feb 20 - Mar 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 612
Try to strike a balance in regard to the vital aspects of life. Poor planning and unhealthy habits could combine to bring you down at this time. Shake free of self-imposed shackles and handicaps in relation to your wellbeing and work.
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