Mar 21 - Apr 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 601
A slight difficulty concerning a monetary matter could mar your happiness but you will recover well. You have probably forgotten to settle a debt or made a miscalculation in your budget - nothing too serious yet somewhat irritating.


Apr 21 - May 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 602
You are likely to be opposed by someone who disagrees with your idea. Argumentation could become noisy and lengthy. Compromises from both sides could calm things down - but neither you nor the other person will easily concede points.


May 21 - Jun 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 603
Domestic trouble may suddenly escalate. Take care not to be caught off guard by a difficult member of your habitat. Sensitive issues are best left in abeyance for the time being. There is indicationf illness occurring in your home.


Jun 22 - Jul 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 604
Society as a whole is in a crisis which needs to be reversed. Perhaps you can set a positive example within your own group by assisting a worthy charity or two. Personal sacrifice is an excellent way of gaining extra heavenly favour.


Jul 23 - Aug 24
Astro-Line: 083 9140 605
If you should experience ill health at this time, it will probably be due to self-neglect. You cannot afford to ignore the rules that guarantee a healthy lifestyle. Carelessness in the physical sense could make you accident-prone.


Aug 24 - Sep 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 606
Beware of falling for false and flattering words for fear of becoming entangled in a situation you do not need and will certainly rue. On a more mundane level, this appears to be a round in which enmity and deceit hold sway.


Sep 23 - Oct 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 607
Treachery is clearly shown in your immediate fortunes. Perhaps you are confiding in someone whom you really cannot afford to trust. The only safe secret is the one you keep wholly to yourself. Do not disclose your aims and intentions.


Oct 23 - Nov 23
Astro-Line: 083 9140 608
You may now be inclined to daydream instead of directing your time and energy into practical pursuits. Remember that wasted hours cannot be recouped - that your peers or rivals can steal well ahead of you while you linger in a torpor.


Nov 23 - Dec 22
Astro-Line: 083 9140 609
Expect to put in some hard work and to overcome some difficulty before you can succeed in your current business enterprise or career plan. Do not trust too readily, especially people you hardly know, to prevent any possible treachery.


Dec 22 - Jan 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 610
You are liable to suddenly go off someone who has become too dominant and demanding lately. Much to your relief, you now find that you can make the break and thereby free yourself to pursue your individual destiny or special dream.


Jan 21 - Feb 20
Astro-Line: 083 9140 611
Trust a little more in the heavenly forces to work things out for you now that you are struggling with an earthly dilemma. The worst is unlikely to happen so do not surrender to anxiety, doubt and fear. Keep hope strongly in your heart.


Feb 20 - Mar 21
Astro-Line: 083 9140 612
You may have a specific goal in mind but fate has something else in store for you. This is a period in which you cannot have what you would like to have so you must be satisfied with what you can have. Save your idea for another time.