BILLED as a techno-thriller, I.T. is a fairly standard stalker film, albeit with a lots of tech-savvy bits. Not to be confused with Andy Muschietti’s forthcoming Stephen King reboot It, this one refers to Information Technology.

Pierce Brosnan plays very wealthy, technophobic entrepreneur, Mike Regan, who is about to become even wealthier thanks to a new business centred on leasing planes which will totally change the jet plane business.

He hires a young IT expert, Ed Porter (James Frecheville), to sort out his smart home, after the younger man saves his presentation in the boardroom and turns out to be a technical whizz. The relationships sours though and Porter starts stalking Regan’s daughter, Kaitlyn (Stefanie Scott), while making Regan’s life hell because he now has access to the smart home.

Directed by John Moore (remake of The Omen and Max Payne), I.T. also stars Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) as Regan’s wife and Michael Nyqvist (John Wick). We are used to seeing Brosnan play competent characters, albeit of an old-school, more physical type. But, here his character is on the back foot and the less physically able Porter character has all the power. But, who knows, drawing on his old friends might just do the trick. – Film Writer

Running at 95 minutes, the film, on circuit, carries a 10-12PG rating.