LOS ANGELES: Movie nerds went nuts on Twitter upon hearing the news that Disney was buying Lucasfilms for $4.05 billion (R34.5bn). Many were psyched about the prospect of three new Star Wars movies, starting with the tentatively titled Episode 7 in 2015, while others were worried that the Disney empire would ruin the Evil Empire.

Either way, fans had fun thinking up mash-ups of these two cultural institutions, flooding Twitter feeds with the hashtag “DisneyStarWars”. Among the most amusing mixes:

When You Wish Upon a Death Star; Finding Greedo; Song of the Sith; Lando and the Tramp; Snow White and the Seven Droids; The Princess Leia Diaries; Emperor Palpatine’s New Groove; Beauty and the Boba Fett; Lilo & Sith; Droid Story; Jabba the Pooh; Bambi Wan Kenobi. – Sapa-AP