Former sex fiend, now G-spot king


London - Russell Brand is not as promiscuous as before, and says he is looking forward to marrying again.

Before getting together with Katy in October 2010, Russell was a renowned womanisier and says he was so obsessed with sleeping around, it took over his life.

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(File image) Russell Brand

In an interview with ShortList magazine, he said: "I was once so devoted to 'sh**ging' I would forget to eat. I was like those people in China who die because they're so into their Xbox they stop having dinner. I prioritise other things now, like meditation and yoga.

"I spend more time meditating than having sex. Isn't that good? It was unthinkable five years ago. I think the quality of the sh**ging has improved, though.

"Yoga gives you an understanding of chakras and energy and how to umbrella the G-spot."

Despite the comedian's union to Katy Perry lasting just 14 months, Russell insists his divorce hasn't put him off walking down the aisle and he would be willing to show his life-long commitment to another woman in the future.

He said: "Divorce hasn't put me off marrying again. I liked marriage. Most of it was brilliant. You can't condemn an institution on one incident. You can't condemn the whole Catholic Church for a few dodgy priests!" - Bang Showbiz

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