Why #AskThicke? I know he wants it


London - Robin Thicke was mocked by Twitter users during a fan Q&A.

The singer came under fire from social media users when he gave people the opportunity to ask him questions about his new album 'Paula' using the hashtag #AskThicke.

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Robin Thicke during last year's controversial MTV performance of 'Blurred Lines' featuring Miley Cyrus.

Things took a turn for the worse during the VH1 hosted session when users blasted him for the sexist and misogynistic lyrics in his hit 'Blurred Lines' track, which Daily Beast writer Tricia Romano had called “kind of rapey” at the height of the song’s popularity last year. She claimed the several female fans were “unnerved by (Thicke’s) creepy lyrics and NSFW (not suitable for work) video”.

During the Q&A, one joker wrote, "Why would I need to #AskThicke? I know he wants it", while another scornfully asked, "What form of sexual or emotional abuse will you be normalising in your next jaunty hit? #AskThicke".

Another pun-loving fan posted: "#AskThicke Why are you such a pallid boob of a man? Never mind. I know, you wan tit."

The questions ranged from the downright rude and aggressive, criticising everything from his "greasy" appearance to his actions towards his estranged wife Paula Patton - who he split from last year amidst rumours he had cheated on her - to altogether random queries.

One person asked: "#AskThicke Why can't I open Gmail in Chrome? - getting a proxy server connection error."

Despite the torrent of abuse, Robin refused to rise to the bait and attempted to answer the questions rationally.

He replied, "What controversy? Hahaha" and "I'm a big boy. I can handle it", when asked about how harsh some of the questions had been.

Elsewhere, he revealed his biggest musical inspiration is The Beatles and 'Lock The Door' is his favourite track from his new album. - BANG Showbiz and IOL

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