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Leon (Andrew Buckland) and Ginny (Liezl de Kock) scam the congragation in Crazy in Love (Pic by Bazil Raubach)_CITY_E1
Bazil Raubach

Unrequited love: a descent into madness

It’s like an adult fairy tale; hard-core, but also full of heart. Buckland and De Kock fit together like an old pair of shoes that you simply don’t ... Read Story

PN craft 1811

Charting the ‘blurring’ lines of craft, art

Elbé Coetsee has launched her second book on the riches of the spectacular art form of craft. Diane de Beer comments on the book and poses some questions.<... Read Story

trevor noah pic

Twitter storm rocking Noah’s boat

"F**k this pr*ck," said a comedian as newly appointed Daily Show host Trevor Noah dubbed an anti-Semite.

Read Story

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Items 1 - 10 of 206