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Gerhard Marx_A GEOLOGY OF THE FOOT (RIGHT) 2014 cut and reconstituted geological map fragments, 310 x 220mmPHOTOCREDIT LIGHTFARM_small (44574727)

Understanding the world through tactile art

“I want to understand my world by creating the immediate world around me,” says artist Gerhard Marx.

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Bram Fischer Waltz_ The NAF2014. CuePix_Alexa Sedgwick _4_

Light shed on cool comrade Bram Fischer

As an Afrikaner whose conscience forced him to reject his heritage and be ostracised, Bram Fischer showed a level of courage and sacrifice in a class by itself.... Read Story


Dynamic |duo to cast their spell

Zanne Stapelberg isn’t just an exciting and extraordinary performer, she also selects her fellow artists well.

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Metro FM DJ arrested
September 15 2014 at 07:55

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