Robbie Williams is pregnant

Robbie Williams has experienced a string of pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness and backache.

The 'Angels' hitmaker's wife Ayda Field is due to give birth to their first child, a daughter, next month and he claims he has suffered from weight gain and other side effects during her first trimester in sympathy of his spouse.

Robbie Williams. Credit: AP

In an interview with Italian Vogue magazine, he said: "I got fat. Isn't it incredible? She has to eat for two, but I've gained her weight. It must be the empathy. I read about it and it says that sometimes husbands suffer same effects during the pregnancy as their wife."

Asked if he has also experienced nausea and backache, he added: "Yes, yes, everything. If she was sick, I was. If she had bad mood, me too. This happened during the first three months."

While Robbie is "scared" about becoming a parent, he can't wait to bond with his daughter.

He admitted: "Right now I'm scared, but I want to build a relationship with her, I want to be there for her, I want to love her, I want it."

And though the 38-year-old pop star is happily married, he admits Ayda is not as kind to him now as she was when they first started dating.

He said: "[In the beginning she would say] how stylish I was, she always congratulated me for how I dressed.

"Now she criticises me. She asks me why I am wearing that sweater instead of the other one.

"The first year everything is perfect, forgiven and wonderful, but the pain comes after."