Charlie Sheen wants to repair his relationship with Jon Cryer.


The 'Anger Management' star confessed that he felt bad about labeling his former 'Two and a Half Men' co-star a "troll".


He told Playboy magazine: "That was wrong. I whaled on him unnecessarily. He was trying to keep the s**t together, trying to cover my a**, pick up the slack.


"He just got caught in the crossfire. He's a beautiful man and a f**king fabulous dude and I miss him. I need to repair that relationship, and I will. I will reach out and do whatever is necessary."


Jon poked fun at Charlie's "troll" comment in a video sketch on a talk show hosted by Conan O'Brien in March last year.


He said: "To avoid ignorance and bullying, I've had to hide the fact I'm a troll. You have no idea how much time and money I've spend on electrolysis and hair dye and reconstructive surgery."


He continued: "I am finally free. To all you other trolls still 'living under the bridge,' it gets better. Not gay better, but still sorta better.” - Bang Showbiz